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  • Bosphorus View İstanbul property is the market leading real estate consultancy company in İstanbul.
  • We help also with Turkish nationality application with regards to 250.000 $ property purchases. With new law Turkish property buyers with over 250.000 $ budget gets Turkish nationality. Our legal team assist Turkish property buyers.
  • There are types of investment properties In Istanbul: Buy to use, Buy to rent And buy to resale (under construction)
  • At “Bosphorus View” we mainly focus in Istanbul, we have over than 100 projects across Istanbul in where focus our best buy properties
  • We define Istanbul properties as fruits picking, we need to buy properties in Istanbul in the right time to gain the best value
  • Do not forget you make the best profit from Istanbul properties at purchase
  • We have 10 years of experience in Istanbul property Market
  • Prices ranges are from 900 $ up to 4000 $ per square meter and our main focus is on the European side and one district in the Asian side as Istanbul is divided into different districts: Bebek, Etiler, Levent, Maslak, Beylikduzu, Basın Ekspres, Esenyurt and Bahçeşehir are the most preferred ones
  • We at “Bosphorus View” make sure we sell our customers properties that has the best view, the best location, the best transportation, the best facilities, shopping mall, schools, hospital access within a very short distance
  • We make sure your property gains both capital appreciation and rental yield every year, Yield with minimum 9 ٪ capital appreciation with minimum 20 ٪
  • Between 1000 $ up to 2000 $ per sqm we will get you Beylikdüzü, Basın ekspres, Essenyurt, Avcilar, Merter and Bahcesehır
  • Within 2000 $ to 3000 $ per sqm we will get you Maslak, Levent, Etiler, Bebek, Ulus, Nişantaşı
  • When buying a property using a consultant like “Bosphorus View” will gain you minimum 20 ٪up to 35 ٪ price decrease which is a massive gain for the buyer.


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