Residency Permits

Residency permits in Turkey

As part of the government’s bid to ease the buying process for overseas property buyers, Turkish home buyers are now granted an automatic year-long residence permit in Turkey. After your initial year is completed you can renew your permit and obtain a permit lasting as long as five years. The process to obtain a residency permit is relatively straightforward. Read our guide which lays out the process and requirements in terms of the necessary documentation you’ll need Residence permit info & getting a visa in Turkey.

Why do I need a Turkish Residency Permit?

A standard Turkish Tourist Permit now allows you to stay in Turkey for no longer than 90 days in any 180 day period. Most nationals obtain these entry visas upon arrival at Turkish airports

This means expats – or those who simply wish to stay for longer – should apply for a little blue Turkish Residency book rather than take a day’s visa trip out of the country to get their passports re-stamped. The government are trying to put a stop to those not officially registering in Turkey, tax-dodgers, and illegal seasonal workers. 

The good news is that property buyers will be granted automatic 1 or 2 years-long residency permits instead of the three-month permits that were previously issued. This is a measure introduced by the government, who recognize that more and more people are relocating to Turkey. 

Applying for a permit was once a time-consuming hassle.

How long is a Turkish Residency Permit valid?

Residency permits in Turkey are valid for varying periods from six months to five years. Legal foreign seasonal workers are normally the only ones that apply and receive a 6 month residency visa assisted by the company they plan to work for in order to gain a work permit. Most expats apply for longer permits as there is little point going through the procedure again just a few months later. On first application, a one or two-year permit is normally issued. Upon renewal, it will be possible to apply for a five-year permit. First-home buyers are eligible for a two-years permit.

How to apply for a Turkish residency permit. What documents will I need?

The online system will tailor the list of documents to your specific situation, but it’s likely you’ll need most, if not all, of the following:

  1.  6 (Take 8 just in-case) clear passport size photos on a white background.
  2.  2 copies of your TAPU/ Turkish Title Deeds or rental agreement stating where you live and how much you paid. (Also take the original with you in case they ask to see it).
  3.  2 copies of your passport plus the original (You need colour copies of the visa entry stamp and main details page, also ensure your passport is valid for the full duration you are applying for).
  4.  Your Turkish tax number
  5.  Your residency book (if re-applying).
  6.  A bank statement proving you have sufficient funds to look after yourself whilst residing for the given period in Turkey. If you have a Turkish bank account you can ask them for a printed breakdown of funds in your accounts.
  7. Documents pertaining to your children and spouse (if applying for a family residency permit) such as birth certificates, passports and photos.


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